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Welcome to the June 9 — 15, edition of the Office Weekly Digest.

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Welcome to the June 2 — 8, edition of the Office Weekly Digest. There were only two features added to the Office Roadmap last week — one for Microsoft Teams, and the other for Outlook on the web. The June schedule for Azure Active Directory webinars is now available. Welcome to the May 19 — 25, edition of the Office Weekly Digest.

Twenty six features were added to the Office Roadmap last week, with the vast majority for OneDrive, with others for PowerPoint Online, Outlook on the web, and Yammer sprinkled in.

A rather notable feature for OneDrive is support for…. Welcome to the May 12 — 18, edition of the Office Weekly Digest. There were five additions to the Office Roadmap last week, all for Microsoft Teams and Outlook on the web, including a new cloud document sharing experience.

Welcome to the May 5 — 11, edition of the Office Weekly Digest. Fourteen features were added to the Office Roadmap last week, with most related to Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.

One feature of note is the updates to password reset in the Microsoft admin center, which now supports a …. Welcome to the April 21 — 27, edition of the Office Weekly Digest. There are several new…. Welcome to the April 14 — 20, edition of the Office Weekly Digest. There were fourteen features added to the Office Roadmap last week, including multiple updates for OfficeOneDrive for Business and Yammer.

The OneDrive features include enhancements to the sync client, as well as improved folder icon design. Welcome to the April 7 — 13, edition of the Office Weekly Digest. There are no brand new events listed, but there are….This was our second week of staying home, so we tried to incorporate more routine—adding in brief scheduled blocks of time for specific activities like math and Spanish.

It worked well for being sure we could tick off some tasks, but it was definitely harder for me: a lot more directing and shorter stints to get into any work of my own. I lost my temper and felt the impending regret like an out of body experience even as I did so. So we chucked out the schedule again on Thursday and just went for a day of game playing, cooking Hudson made us the best pudding ever from this bookand we took a long bike ride in the sunshine.

There are so many other activities that involve screen-time like art classes and workouts, story times, and chats with friends —there are so many options that we find ourselves putting it away and getting to dinner time before they ask about shows like Scooby-Doo.

We did watch The Love Bu g the other day—after a reader comment on this post —and the kids loved it.

Skyler was a roller-coaster of emotion over little Herbie, but came out smiling. I of course wish that Aron were with us and miss having another adult around during these long days. Here are some links of note in our house…. Resharing it now, because it has been a help to me this week. I bought a bunch of new games just before the stores closed.

A friend recommended this one. Here are all the authors reading aloud online. Domino Mag suggests five games to play on Zoom with adult friends. A helpful guide to Zoom via SwissMiss. How to start a productive garden. Will there be a baby boom?

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Probably not. Since you all love the Lindsay Lohan Parent Trap …. I get the impression that conservative news outlets are, in particular, downplaying the threat of the virus here, in the U. If you prefer to avoid the bleaker stories to keep anxiety at bay, I understand that, too. What happened when the governor of Michigan complained.COVID case count surpassesIt took over three months to reach the firstconfirmed cases of the virus, and only 12 days to reach the nextFour additional countries or territories in the Africa region reported cases between March 20 and March In Italy, the death toll from coronavirus rose to 5, overtaking the current number of deaths reported in China and becoming the hardest hit country in the world.

Countries shut borders, lockdown amid coronavirus pandemic. Countries and major cities around the world have imposed travel restrictions and locked down major cities to curb the spread of COVID Over 50 countries have disallowed entry to non-citizen or non-resident travelers.

The first known person-to-person transmission of COVID in the US occurred between an infected woman in her 60s who returned from China in mid-January and her husband who did not travel but had prolonged and unprotected close contact with his wife. An additional people who had contact with the woman and her husband were identified, of those underwent active symptom monitoring and 43 were placed under investigation.

All contacts tested negative for the virus. High temperature and high humidity may reduce the transmission of COVID, according to an analysis of Chinese cities with more than 40 cases. The FDA has also charged individual states with overseeing the development and use of new diagnostic tests. Antibiotic use variability in US pediatric hospitals. More than a third of hospitalized children at 51 US hospitals received an antibiotic on any given day, and 1 in 8 received a broad-spectrum antibiotic, according to four single-day point prevalence surveys which reviewed antibiotic prescribing and consumption for over 50, pediatric patients.

The prevalence of antibiotic use varied from Pediatric intensive care units had the highest prevalence of overall and broad-spectrum antibiotic use at prevalence rates of Three-drug antimalarial regimen effective in high resistance settings. Adding mefloquine or amodiaquine to existing two-drug artemisinin-based combination therapies ACTs is effective in treating malaria even in high-resistance settings, according to a randomized trial involving 1, patients across 18 health facilities in eight countries.

Patients received treatments with either dihydroartemisinin—piperaquine plus mefloquine or artemether—lumefantrine plus amodiaquine.

The triple combination therapy also resulted in significantly less reoccurring infections in countries with a high prevalence of artemisinin-resistant parasites. Varying flu vaccine effectiveness in Europe.Continuing Education. If you do not have an account with the Digest, please click on "Submit to the Digest.

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If you do not have a mednet email account or you are not receiving the Digest, please send an email to drcsupport mednet. This program offers an in-depth review of our specialty for those preparing to take the vascular board examinations, as well as providing the basic didactic education for the vascular residents and fellows in training.

New Date! New Date - May 22, The Ritz-Carlton Marina del Rey, California Heart failure affects approximately six million Americans and is the most common diagnosis for acute hospitalization in patients over 65 years.

Over the next decade, we will see a dramatic increase in the number of patients in the community with advanced heart failure who can benefit from advanced therapies for complex cardiac disease. Toggle navigation. Policies and Guidelines Archives Contact Us. A message from Dean Kelsey Martin. Follow ucladgsomdigest. How do I subscribe? If you have a mednet email account mednet.

Deadline extended June 15, Deadline extended through June 15, Daniel Dumesic and his research team from the UCLA Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology are conducting a study to learn more about endocrine and metabolic conditions in women. Radiology Research Studies Researchers in the Department of Radiology at UCLA are seeking volunteers who agree to be contacted for potential participation in future radiology studies.

Download the attachment, then scan the QR code from the study flyer to access the study on your mobile device. Please call Tammy Graham at if you have any questions. Families expecting another child needed for infant development study UCLA researchers are recruiting families with an infant less than six weeks of age. Infants must not be the firstborn child in their family and have no family history of autism.

The study involves non-invasive MRI during natural sleepEEG, eye-tracking, and behavioral assessments in order to examine social communication skills in the first year of life. Drew University.

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Deadline extended! Predoctoral and Postdoctoral Positions Available. The application deadline is Sunday, May 17, midnight.We broke it first. Receive original reporting you won't read anywhere else from the largest newsroom in tech. Get access to our reporters and other top executives with monthly deep-dive calls into topics like startups and autonomous vehicles.

Get access to more than a dozen events yearly, from intimate dinners to larger gatherings with marquee speakers. This is clearly an extenuating circumstance and small businesses and restaurants need all the help they can get.

But I have to assume that the big food delivery businesses see this type of hyper local regulatory action as a slippery slope that threatens their fundamental models. If they're smart they'll race to cut commissions across the board to pre-empt any other trigger happy city or state officials. India needs to fix the basics - infrastructure, labor, quality - and that will be a boon for not just manufacturing of smart phones but truly benefit the whole of society.

Facebook employees are upset that their internal Facebook posts are being leaked to the media. It must feel awful to have private information they put on Facebook end up in someone else's hands without their knowing it.

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Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant walk into a bar. Google reminds the bartender of which drink he was searching for. We found out this week that Alexa has the second-strangest laugh at Amazon. Or as Silicon Valley sees it, a cautionary tale about wasting ad dollars. Apple is making its AirPods waterproof. It should get advice from Blue Apron, which knows a thing or two about operating underwater.

Looks like they were using Apple Maps to get around. We hear Uber and Waymo decided to settle after both sides realized neither had any idea what Lidar is. Facebook's stock tanked when Zuckerberg said people were spending less time on the app, but then went up after he spent the rest of the call explaining why that wasn't a problem.

This is what Facebook means when it talks about Time Well Spent. Data journalism website FiveThirtyEight is up for sale. We found out why Amazon kept San Francisco off its short list of potential second headquarters cities: Jeff Bezos is also tired of hearing about your cryptocurrency gains at parties. Mark Zuckerberg is overhauling News Feed to emphasize more personal interactions. So Travis Kalanick is finally a real billionaire, thanks to his sale of stock in Uber.

Donald Trump is probably wondering what that feels like. President Trump tweeted that the U.On April 6, the Securities and Exchange Commission issued a release the Release announcing that the New York Stock Exchange NYSE had issued temporary and partial waivers from the requirement that NYSE-listed companies obtain stockholder approval in connection with certain related party and 20 percent equity issuances the Waiver.

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The Waiver remains in effect through June 30, On April 9, the Securities and Exchange Commission adopted amendments to its rules for securities clearing agencies to apply enhanced standards to all SEC-registered central counterparties CCPs and central securities depositories CSDs.

The proposed amendments are intended to comprehensively update Part to reflect current market practices. In the Report, IOSCO provides an overview of the current sustainable finance initiatives taken by regulators and the industry.

The Report also includes a detailed analysis of the most relevant environmental, social and governance related international initiatives, and third-party frameworks and standards. You may view the various regulatory actions organized by regulator or may sort the information to view only the regulatory developments that are relevant to your business type. To view webinar materials, please click here.

To view webinar recording, please click here. For more information on the latest news and firm event information regarding COVID, please click here.Several separate packages of improvements in federal employee pay and benefits have been proposed for inclusion in a planned Coronavirus …More. OPM has said that travel restrictions, orders and instructions issued by state and local governments in response to the Coronavirus …More. Federal unions are saying that lack of information and cooperation from federal agencies is adding to the stress of the …More.

The TSP has temporarily waived a requirement that married account holders get notarized permission from their spouses before making most …More. Halfway through the counting period toward the January federal retiree COLA, the count stands at 0.

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DoD has issued new guidance expanding on previous policies regarding when its employees should or should not go to their …More. The Social Security system likely will turn an important financial corner this year, says a Congressional Research Service report calling …More. The initial jobless claims in the United States are reported weekly, and the past three weeks have seen record claims.

The Pentagon has identified certain pay and benefits flexibilities available to military commanders that can be used to mitigate risks …More. FEDweek Toggle navigation. Sunday, April 19th, Federal Employee Handbooks. Lack of Information, Cooperation Adding to Pandemic Stress, Unions Say Federal unions are saying that lack of information and cooperation from federal agencies is adding to the stress of the …More.

Read More in FEDweek. Other Potential Sources of Retirement Cash. Warning Signs of Debt in Retirement. Doing a Retirement Creditable Service Check. Army Seeks Portable Ventilators.

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Read More in AFN. View TSP chart.

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